16-762: Mobile Manipulation (Spring 2024)

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Time: Monday & Wednesday 3:30 - 4:50 PM
Location: NSH 3002
Instructor: Zackory Erickson
Office Hours: Upon request
Course Questions and Discussion: Slack – Registered students will be added

Course Description

In this project-based course, you’ll learn about mobile manipulation through hands-on experience working with real mobile manipulators. You’ll gain experience with teleoperation, autonomy, perception, navigation, manipulation, and human-robot interaction, all within the context of mobile manipulators. You’ll also learn about robot design, collaborative research, and applications for mobile manipulators.

This is a graduate-level project-based course for students interested in mobile manipulation. There are no exams nor textbook assignments. You will be working with a group of your peers to develop solutions to real-world problems through the control of a mobile manipulator. There are two projects where you will work with real mobile manipulators and build on state-of-the-art methods from scientific literature, all leading to a video recording, live robot demonstration, presentation, and short paper to disseminate your results.


Prior experience with the Python programming language is encouraged and extremely beneficial.

History and Example Projects

This course has been developed and inspired based on a prior project-based course on mobile manipulation for robotic caregiving, taught at CMU and Georgia Tech.

Examples of past mobile manipulation projects can be found on the following course webpage: 16-887: Robotic Caregivers and Intelligent Physical Collaboration (2023)


Earlier versions of this course were co-developed and co-instructed with Prof. Charlie Kemp at Georgia Tech. Early versions at Georgia Tech emphasized robotic caregiving through mobile manipulation: Robotic Caregivers.