MTH225 Logic and Discrete Mathematics
MTH245 Probability and Statistics
MTH309 Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
MTH310 Calculus III: Multivariate Calculus
MTH317 Graph Theory
MTH371 Introduction to Numerical Methods
MTH407 Real Analysis I
MTH411 Abstract Algebra I
MTH498 Independent Study – Mathematical Biology with Eric Eager

Computer Science

CS270 Assembler Programming and Introduction to Computer Organization
CS340 Software Design III: Abstract Data Types
CS341 Software Design IV: Software Engineering
CS353 Analysis of Algorithm Complexity
CS364 Introduction to Database Management Systems
CS370 Computer Architecture
CS395 Independent Study with Samantha Foley
CS421 Programming Language Concepts
CS431 Introduction to Robotics
CS441 Operating System Concepts
CS442 Structures of Compilers
CS452 Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
CS499 Research in Computer Science – Quadcopter Lab with Martin Allen


PHY203 General Physics I
PHY204 General Physics II
PSY100 General Psychology
ENV201 Introduction to Environmental Studies